The Violent Crime Reduction Act came into force on 1st October 2007

Please note - It only affects mainland UK. Non UK buyers are not affected in any way.

There are 2 main changes affecting Airguns

1) Airguns, Pellets and Major Components can only be sold to those over 18 years of age.

2) All DEALER Sales MUST have the final handover of the gun or major component face to face. This means you can still buy a gun or major component by Internet or Mail order but the gun or part has to be collected in person from a Registered Dealer. Before ordering guns or major parts you should ensure you have a dealer willing to handle the transfer for you as we cannot accept liability for loss or delay resulting from a failure to do this BEFORE ordering. We will assist in finding a dealer but cannot guarantee there will be one available in all areas of the country, it is the buyers responsibility to arrange this.

The existing power levels for airguns remains 12ft/lb for rifles and 6ft/lb for pistols and guns up to these levels do not require any form of license. When you buy a gun or major part you will be required to give your name and address and these details must be recorded by the dealer.

The guidance we have been given is that MAJOR parts include Barrel, Piston, Cylinder or Air Chamber and Valve, the main pressure bearing parts along with Silencers.

Please Note - Repairs Are Not Affected By This New Law

We are still able to sell major parts by mail order if they are part of an exchange/repair, so for example if we receive a cylinder/barrel/silencer etc. from a customer we can exchange it for a new cylinder/barrel/silencer etc.

We have marked on our site items that must be sent to dealers or incorporated into repairs.

To receive your new item affected by the VCR ACT you must show a need for the item by sending the old part to the address below.

you may have the old item returned with the new one once we have received it. please state if you would like it returned when ordering/posting your item.

Address for old items: T W CHAMBERS, Unit 12b, Evanton Ind Est, Dingwall, IV16 9XJ

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